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Passionate man

Passion is a man who puts his all into everything he does. Why would he do anything unless passion drove him to it? Why would a man's life of passion have anything devoid of passion in it? Live your life passinately. If you drive do it with vigour and desire. Take what you whant. Be who you truly wish to be. Not who society or the numerous internet gurus demand you to be. Be who you deserve to be. You is the best thing that has ever happened to yourself.

Passion is not a routine. Passion is a state of mind. A state of being. A statement of being. A man, who cares for, fights for and dies for his passions is the only kind of man. This man is not violent, but he always the aggressor. He knows women want him simply, because he can bring them what, no other man can. Passion. Raw excitement, pleasure. His intentions are always known for he doesn't hide them. Why would he? His passions govern his every action.

 The Passionate man is the leader of men. He isn't the jealous man always comparing to his peers. He is not the man who worries about his women not reciprocating his interst. For he knows what he can give the women that no other man can. Himself. 100% 
The Passionate man is a man in touch with his feelings and his own beliefs. He doesn't shy away from the spotlight nor does he constantly grasp for it.


It is not that the passinate man is detached from society. The Passionate man is leading it.
It is not that the Passionate man does not listen those who mock him; it is that he simply doesn't care. He knows but never considers than that he is better than all men. He knows that no man can compare to him. But the passionate man does not ever consider this, he simply knows this. Those men most would call rivals or competition he would call friend. For the Passionate man finds only allies where he looks.

Those who cross the passionate man do so out of jealousy or out of desire. Their own desires a pale imitation or a faulse version of the Passionate man. The anger they face is the anger of knowing they can never feel the passion of living their life fully. Of living every action. 100% And not backing down from any challenge. This challengers are the men society has brainwashed to be more like women. To be jealous. To bicker.To giggle behind the backs of their fellow man. These men become the cogs in the machines the passionate man controls and dominates.

The interest of the passionate man is not given fleetingly, nor easily. It is something earned. The Passionate man always follows his heart and takes what he wants from the world. To gain his interest you must show yourself to be of value to him. You must earn his attention.


The Passionate man lets world know he is here.

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borin' shit.. it's a kind of selfproof?))

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